The Brigid Manuscripts is named in memory of the Kildare Manuscripts that were known to illuminate the hearts of many in their spiritual life.

In the 5th century, Saint Brigid of Ireland organized the School of Kildare which became one of the primary seats of learning in theological education. The purpose of the Brigid Manuscripts is to continue in this same tradition of illuminating the hearts and minds of those who are treading the narrow path by offering gems of wisdom, understanding, and guidance.

The Brigid Manuscripts is a collection of theologians, biblical scholars and practitioners in ministry who have decided to share their insights into scripture and their practical wisdom gleaned from their experiences in ministry. As you read through these pages, may the Holy Spirit illuminate your minds so that you are guided, challenged, and refreshed on your journey of faith. In return, may you also illuminate the hearts and minds of many others who are seeking to discover the light of truth in a world of darkness.

Disclaimer: Any given beliefs or thoughts presented in the articles published with The Brigid Manuscripts is not necessarily an accurate representation of the Worldwide Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches.