Loss is a reality we face in this world regardless of our age, gender, or background. Loss comes in many different forms such as the loss of a friend, spouse, child, parent, employment, ministry, and even one’s health. Many brothers and sisters can sometimes find themselves grieving in isolation.

However, we believe that the Christian community should be willing to place the burdens of others on our shoulders to help each other walk through these seasons of grief. With this in mind, the grief support group is meant to provide support and care to members of the WFICC and is offered twice a year at the headquarters. Contact us to find out more.

Suicide is a global concern that affects the lives of many people, including the church.

Our hope is that we can together be effective in preventing the high rates of suicide. Therefore, the purpose of suicide prevention education is to be able to educate the church body about how to recognize signs of suicide and methods of intervention. Contact us to find out more.

As a part of our mission to equip the saints for building up the body of Christ, the WFICC is committed to providing theological education to its members. There will be classes provided at different times during the year in order to help ministers go deeper in the word of God, sharpen their ministry skills, and to grow in practical wisdom regarding the praxis of ministry.

Classes will be provided at a low price and will be taught at the WFICC headquarters. Contact us to find out more.

The WFICC is excited to offer pastoral counseling to our clergy and ministers. Our licensed pastoral counselors (or certified pastoral counselors) are dedicated to providing support and care to our churches and members in the following areas:

Theological and ministry issues within the church; current events that impact believers; family and church dynamics; making end of life choices or congregants who are on end of life care; issues of financial concern, and other issues clergy might face in their field of ministry

Our counselors are ready to listen to the needs of our pastors with support and care. Please use the form below to contact us.

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