The International School of Theology holds to the core values of the Worldwide Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches as it relates to its doctrine and ethics for ordained clergy. As the International School of Theology is designed for the primary purpose of training ministers, it is expected that those who apply to enroll in this program will seek to uphold academic integrity in their coursework and various assignments. If one deliberately participates in academic dishonesty, the student may be dismissed from the program. Academic dishonesty comprises participating directly or indirectly with any of these activities:


  1. Presenting the ideas, concepts or quotations which were taken from someone else as if they were originally your own.
  2. Assisting someone else to the extent that the original work of the author is partially or completely used without citation.
  3. Failing to cite information that is not general knowledge.

Fabrication or Cheating

  1. Presenting work that was not prepared for the class, but previously was done for another assignment
  2. Citing a source(s) that were not consulted
  3. Having other people write papers or finish any given assignment for you
  4. Giving a misrepresentation as to the number of pages one read for an assignment
  5. Giving a misrepresentation regarding the need for an absence from a course

Though we have the academic integrity policy in place, it is our hope that it will not have to be exercised, but that all students will have the inward confidence to know that they can achieve success and learn with integrity. If one is in need of assistance, available help can be provided by simply emailing Rt. Rev. Dr. Kristen Caldwell at

Financial Policies

  1. Cost of Diploma Programs: The cost of each course is $450. The cost of continuing education courses is $300 per course. Students must pay for the course in full amount before the first day a course begins. If students do not pay, they will not be allowed to take the course.
  2. Refund Policy: There is no refund for any of the courses. However, for special circumstances the Dean may grant approval for a refund.
  3. Graduation: The cost of the graduation is $50. All students who have completed the diploma program for the training of ministers will have the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony that will be held annually.

Absent Policy

Students who are absent more than two times cannot be considered to be present to receive full credit for any given class. Arrangements for other appointments that could be a conflict of schedule need to be considered before registering for a class. For unscheduled emergencies, special arrangements can be made with the professor.

Dress Code

The International School of Theology is a professional environment that expects students to dress business causal. Since immodest apparel can distract others from the enterprise of learning, it is expected that men and women do not dress in a way that draws unnecessary attention to themselves.

Student Interaction

  1. Student Interaction with Students: Students are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity despite differences of viewpoints. Students are to cooperate with one another, listening respectfully in order to learn from their experiences and beliefs even if they are not shared in their entirety.
  2. Student Interaction with Instructors: Students are to interact respectfully with their instructors, despite the mode of communication (phone, emailing, etc.).
  3. Sexual Harassment Policy: There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment at the International School of Theology. In cases of sexual harassment, there will be an immediate removal of the student from the program.
  4. Mode of Communication: The primary mode of communication for any particular course will be chosen by the instructor. Students are not to communicate with their instructor using other methods otherwise not specified. Exceptions to this can be in cases of being unable to reach the instructor.